Minutes: Central Community Dollars for Scholars
Meeting: September 30, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Courtney Vorwald, president, at 7:30 a.m. The following board members were present: Joleen Jansen, Julie Tschirgi, Sue Stott, Justin Vorwald, Nick Trenkamp, Dan Yanda, and Jane Metcalf. The meeting was held at the Central Community School Business Office. The newest members, Sue Stott and Julie Tschirgi, were welcomed to the Board. The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and approved. The treasurer's report was not available. Marlene provided the Board with a list of the donations that have come in thus far for 2015-16.
Old Business
1. Status with Scholarship America: the Board discussed its current status with Scholarship America and provided a brief summary of the organization and issues to the new members. The Board approved the payment of the annual dues to Scholarship America by the end of 2015.
2. ChapterNet update - the Board scheduled a time to meet with the seniors on October 7, 2015 during ninth period. Joleen and Courtney volunteered to be present. Jane asked that the sessions with the seniors occur when they have access to computers. The Board also discussed the possibility of meeting with sophomores and juniors during the second semester to expose them to ChapterNet earlier. Jane suggested limiting that training to juniors and pointed out that students may struggle to remember log-in information after their iPads are scrubbed during the summer. The Board will schedule sessions with the juniors at a later date.
3. Clayton County Foundation update - Courtney showed the Board the copy of the Endow Iowa - Agency Permanent Endowed Fund Agreement that she and Bill signed over the summer upon the request of M.J. Smith. As the Board's fund was initiated through a donation from Keith Garms, the Foundation did not have an agreement with our Board on file.
4. New members - the Board discussed whether to continue seeking new members, as we currently have seven members. This meets the membership requirement in our bylaws. Nick suggested that the Board could always be looking to encourage new members. New members asked about term limits. Courtney said that she believed the bylaws provide for three year terms, but would double check that information.
5. Input from Board - the Board discussed creating some redundancy in duties to ensure that we stay on top of deadlines since members are working to transition in to their new roles. Marlene reported that Sindee Gohde with the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corp. contacted her at the end of August to obtain the number of seniors, and Ms. Gohde completed the Isle of Capri/Upper Mississippi Gaming Corp. application for our Chapter this year. Courtney will make contact with Ms. Gohde to ensure that the Board is aware of the deadlines in the future.
New Business
1. Fundraising ideas: Courtney reported that due to the earlier date for conferences, there was not sufficient time to organize a fall soup supper. A spring soup supper would still be an option. The Board discussed putting together a fall fundraising event during the basketball season. Dan suggested any of the quad headers that would be well-attended (e.g. Clayton Ridge, Starmont).
a. Walking tacos were suggested as the food to serve. This would not compete with the concession stand, and Dan reported that the Spanish Club sold out of walking tacos in the past. Joleen also suggested offering desserts and assigning seniors/families to bring desserts.
b. The Board decided that this is the fundraising event that will occur this fall.
i. Joleen offered to contact Todd Lenth for a price on chips once we pick a date. Terry Johnson will be contacted about the taco meat.
ii. Dan will look at the basketball schedule and then suggest a date for a game that will be well attended.
c. Other fundraising suggestions:
i. Julie suggested offering Dollars for Scholars packages that could include dinner and a movie or dinner and theater. These packages could be offered on the Chapter's website all year round. After discussion, the Board decided that this idea would require additional thought and discussion about how to make this an attractive offer to both businesses and individuals who purchase the packages.
ii. Other ideas that were discussed included asking businesses to donate a percentage of sales for a night or a week, an event similar to dueling pianos, and a game involving school staff.
2. Publicity and Alumni Outreach - Courtney reported that she and Joleen discussed reaching alumni through social media. However, the Chapter Affiliation Agreement requires that our chapter maintain an Internet presence solely through its website. We discussed the possibility of encouraging donations and providing the website information on personal Facebook pages. It was decided that this would not violate the Chapter Affiliation Agreement.
a. Joleen informed the Board that online donations are handled by Scholarship America and that the fee associated with this service comes out of each donation.
b. Joleen suggested preparing an article to update the community on changes to the Board and thanking Marie for her service. Joleen said that she would prepare an article for the Board to review.
3. Future meeting: a specific date was not set. A meeting may be scheduled to plan the fundraising event.
4. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Courtney Vorwald, Acting Secretary